Professional Experience

Project Millennium 3

President & CEO

2005 – 2013

Project Millennium 3 was a Federally approved 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity.  Uniquely this entity was granted permission to do basically any charitable it so desired.  At the time experts stated there was no other 501(c)3 granted privilege.  “When I was attempting to get 501(c)3 status the experts I was working with stated ‘you have to pick a very specific cause’  I said non-sense and in the applications I did not answer the questions – I answered the questions I wished they asked, whoever looked at this at the Federal level probably laughed, showed it to their supervisor and stamped it (APPROVED).  When I received the status everyone consulting me was stunned, sometimes you have to do things out of the box – no matter what people tell you.” – Dan Farash

Farash self funded this organization which primarily focused on helping single parents and the elderly.



PM3 is a unique non-for-profit under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code: To provide financial assistance as deemed qualified by the corporation to Americans in financial peril due to factors beyond their control. 

All Service Computer Rental / Contingency Planning Associates

President & CEO

September 1986 – February 2001

Farash began All Service Computer Rental (ASCR) at the age of 23, which provided technology within 3 business hours to Fortune 500 companies.  Clients included: Microsoft, Exxon, Bank Of America, General Electric, SONY, Verizon, Citibank, American Express and approximately half of the largest corporations in America. 


Bi-costal, ASCR was considered the gold standard of the computer service industry. ASCR came in first in the state of New Jersey for institutional funding in 1996.  Farash sold the majority interest to Prospect Street Venture Capital in 1996.  Farash won Entrepreneur of the year (New Jersey 1997) and is a member of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame.   Farash retired as CEO & President in 2001.  In 2003 ASCR was merged with Smart Source.

Contingency Planning Associates (a subsidiary of ASCR) begun in 1996 and consulted major corporations on emergency back-up scenarios, such as: Terrorist Attack, Acts of God, Structural Damage to offices, etc.  Contingency Planning Associates also would provide technology if an emergency occurred.

“Daniel Farash. Just about the most effective business leader I’ve ever met. Under Dan’s leadership, the company became the standard for both service and profitability for technology rental industry. Dan’s approach was highly efficient and provided the Gold Standard for customer service. All Service was eventually sold to Smart Source. I am CEO of Smart Source, and we are the largest technology rental services company nationwide. Before I was CEO of Smart Source, I was a Senior Vice President at All Service. The lessons on efficiency, productivity, and service I learned under Dan are still used every day at Smart Source. In fact, the founder of Smart Source commented numerous times that infusing the highly efficient culture of All Service was one of the foundational elements to the current success of Smart Source. Dan’s approach combines efficiency and service in a unique way.”

Michael McClernon, President & CEO                                                                                                                        





East Hampton Energy Solutions LLC

East Hampton Energy Solutions LLC

President & CEO

January 2013 – Present

East Hampton Energy Solutions (EHES) offers sophisticated state of the art technology that informs us if your backup power-supply is having any type of malfunction.  Most of the standby energy industry does not offer this important proactive measure as it is too complicated, expensive and requires great expertise.  EHES believes that your generator should be operational at all times.  When the power goes out all of our clients will have backup power.  We supply only Kohler, heavy-duty which are considered the gold standard of backup power.  We provide solutions to the East End of Long Island from Montauk to Southampton. 

East Hampton 2